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Founded and established in 2013 by Shelli Diego, The Sound-Box, based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was launched to bring forward the absolute best in house music with a live presentation format. Our focus then, as well as now, is to continue to introduce the hottest tracks from all of the sub-genres of house music. Those sub-genres consisting of deep house, soulful house, afro house, tech house, garage, chill house, lounge, nu disco, jackin house, dance, electro pop, down tempo, and classic house, broadcasting non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

With the dominance of popular music, we have realized that the best is not always brought to the forefront of digital media streaming platforms, and so it has always been a part of our mission to shine the spotlight on not only the popular house music tracks, but also the lesser known or unknown gems. 

We believe that live radio show presentation with great air personalities can set a radio station apart from the majority in which there is only a playlist of tracks and pre-recorded mixes being streamed. Our ultimate goal is to have live radio show presentation throughout most of the day and night. 

Here at The Sound-Box we want to create a more interactive house music broadcast experience for our listeners. We are truly thankful to all who have and continue to tune in globally.  
Connecting with a global audience is the highlight of our work.